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Illustration of the Metaverse
The Metaverse

The Metaverse will change the world.
The world is changing and with it, the field of technology is changing too. We are witnessing a real and incredible digital transformation. Technological innovations follow one another at a rapid pace. The arrival of crypto-currencies, NFTs and the blockchain are just some of the highlights of this transformation.
The latest is Facebook’s Metaverse. Indeed, on 28 October 2021, Marc Zuckerberg, the boss of the social networking giant, announced the change of the name of the web company Facebook, now called Meta. This announcement is part of the company’s strategic vision. It no longer wants to be seen as just a social network, but rather as a technology company. Meta intends to explore new horizons, especially in the virtual world.

What is the Metaverse really?

The name Metaverse is a combination of two words <<meta>> and <<universe>>, to designate a world beyond the limits of the one we know. A virtual world.
While it is used to refer to a technological innovation, it is not a new word. The word Metaverse was used by Neal Stephenson in one of his science fiction books (Snow Crash), referring to an imaginary virtual world.
The Metaverse, is a shared virtual world resulting from a convergence of physical and digital reality where we will be able to experience an extension of real life through an avatar or hologram representing us. It will be accessible through digital devices or virtual reality headsets.

What can we expect in the Metaverse?

According to Gartner, it will be possible to perform several activities in this virtual world. Shopping, working, learning, playing, exploring, buying virtual land and many other activities can be done in the Metaverse.
This innovation will have an impact on all aspects of the world we know today. It is based on the principle of immersion.
Users will be able to visit new places from their sofas. They will be able to shop, try on things virtually.
At the social level, social networks will be real meeting places where we will feel closer to each other.
Companies will also benefit. The Metaverse will be a way to get closer to their targets. Also, a new transition is coming for them. From a digital transition to a Metaverse transition. They will be able to offer new Metaverse product solutions. In an interview, Marty Resnick, vice president of research at Gartner said: “By 2026, 30% of organisations worldwide will have Metaverse-ready products and services.
Artists too will have access to a wider audience. In the Metaverse, virtual concerts will be the norm. American artist Trevis Scott tried this out on the Fortnite platform on 23 April 2021, during a ten-minute concert that attracted more than 10 million people.
Several businesses will also be created thanks to this technology. Activities such as buying land or shopping will require specific skills for real estate architecture or the dressing of avatars in the Metaverse.